Epi proColon

Test Name Epi proColon
Test Code SRX700
CPT Code(s) 81327
Preferred Requirement(s) 7mL of Plasma (3.5mL minimum, does not allow for repeat testing)
Unsuitable Specimen Ambient specimens. Hemolyzed samples. Serum, stool, or whole blood specimens
Transport Frozen
Specimen Stability R=3days ; F=2 weeks
Handling Instructions 1) Collect a minimum of 10 mL whole blood in EDTA (Lavender Top) tube.

2) Separate plasma from whole blood within 4 hours of collection by centrifugation for 12 minutes at 1350 ± 150 rcf.

3) Transfer plasma to a fresh 15 mL conical tube taking care not to disturb the buffy coat and centrifuge for 12 min at 1350 ± 150 rcf.

4) Transfer plasma to a polypropylene tube for transport taking care not to disturb sedimentation at the bottom of the tube.

Performing Lab Sonic Reference Laboratory
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