Pin Worm

Test Name Pin Worm
Test Code 371
CPT Code(s) 87172
Preferred Requirement(s) Stool-Pinworm Paddle
Alternate Requirement(s) Stool-Scotch Tape Method
Transport Temperature Ambient
Methodology Light Microscopy
Days Performed Mon-Sat
Special Instructions Specimen should be taken in the early morning before a bowel movement or bathing. If Pinworm paddle is not available, it is possible to collect a specimen using the following method (scotch tape method). (1) Use a piece of clear (not frosted) cellophane tape, approximately 4 inches long. (2) Hold the tape between thumb and forefingers with sticky side facing outward. (3) Press the sticky side of the tape against the skin across the anal opening with even, thorough pressure. (4) Gently place the sticky side of the tape down against the surface of a clear glass slide. Press firmly to remove all trapped air bubbles. (5) Label the slide with the patient’s name and send to the laboratory.
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